"Your All-in-One Eye Mask for Perfect Sleep – Dream, Restore, and Thrive"           

The Bamboo Weighted Blue Light Protection Eye Mask 

Developed by optometrists, the Ocushield Bamboo Weighted Sleep Eye Mask is designed to block out all light including blue light, to help you fall asleep faster, and to better your quality of sleep for day to day wellbeing. With extra heating or cooling of the glass beads, you can use the reversible weighted eye mask to create either a soft, warm eye treatment or a smooth, cool eye therapy. By regularly using the Ocushield Eye Mask, you can relieve uncomfortable eye symptoms like dry eyes and blepharitis and enjoy fresher feeling eyes. Adjustable for any size head.


Block Out All Light To Sleep Like Never Before!

The Ocushield weighted bamboo eye mask promotes healthier sleep, by helping your eyes to block out all light as you rest and ultimately helping your daily focus, mood and productivity.

Designed with beads to distribute a calming, weighted sensation across key pressure points around the eye area, this premium mask blocks out all light including disruptive artificial blue light from surrounding screens or fluorescent lighting.

Ocushield is endorsed by the Sleep Foundation and is recommended by leading sleep expert Dr Whitney Roban.

 Protecting Your Eyes Against Harmful Blue Light Radiation

In our modern world our eyes are bombarded by artificial light, in particular from computer, smartphone, 5G Data and tablet screens. Ocushield eye experts have developed this sleep mask to help aid recovery from a high use of screen time, and promote a reduction in the dry eyes that are caused by blue light use.

Ocushield is endorsed by the Sleep Foundation, a trusted source on helpful sleep related products.

No More Feeling Too Hot Or Cold When Sleeping!

 The eye mask is reversible with an ultra soft plush cushion for a warmer feel and the otherside is a cooler feeling bamboo. 

The detachable glass bead holder in our weighted eye mask can be heated and cooled for eye therapy. When warmed in the microwave, the eye mask can be used to relax the eye area and open up any pores to allow oils from the eyelid glands to lubricate the eyes. When cooled in the freezer, the mask can reduce inflammation and puffiness around the eyes. Ideal for any climate or feel you wish to apply to the eye area. 

                        Bamboo Weighted Sleep Eye Mask