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Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light Glasses

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Why should I wear Blue Light Glasses?

  • No more dry, sore, itchy eyes, blurred vision and headaches 
  • The Blue+ lenses will help protect your eyes by filtering out 50% of harmful blue violet light 400nm-440nm  
  • You will sleep better at night 
  • The lenses have UV400 protection (99-100% UVA & UVB protection)
  • Anti-reflective, anti-scratch coating
  • Look great as the Blue+ lenses are virtually clear

Blue Light Radiation

In our technology-driven world, we are exposed to more blue light radiation than ever before. from spending increasing amounts of time on digital screens like your smartphone, tablet or computers. Smartphones emit the highest levels of blue light compared to other devices. Because we hold them so close to our face, the risk of developing detrimental effects on our health such as digital eye strain, sleeping disorders and macular degeneration is very real.

Blue light penetrates to the back of the eye, triggering nerves that causes discomfort and eye strain - leading to permanent damage to the eye. Our eyes’ natural filters do not provide sufficient protection against blue light rays from the sun, let alone the blue light emanating from digital devices. Also the suprachiasmatic nucleus, is a tiny region of the brain in the hypothalamus and is responsible for controlling circadian rhythms. These cells are activated by blue light, and when there is a lot of blue light (as when the sun is overhead), the suprachiasmatic nucleus tells the pineal gland not to make much melatonin, and so we stay awake. Fine in the daytime but disruptive at night to our sleep cycle.

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