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Cat Cuddle Coupe

Cat Cuddle Coupe

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Dual Washing Options Our cat bed offers you the convenience of easy care with two washing options. You can either toss it in the washing machine for a thorough cleaning or opt for hand washing for a more delicate touch, ensuring it stays pristine for your feline friend.

Sunlight Rejuvenation Maintain the plush softness and fluffiness of our cat bed effortlessly by letting it soak up the sunlight on bright days. This natural method not only keeps the bed fresh but also ensures your cat's comfort every time they curl up for

Space-Saving Design Say goodbye to clutter with our cat bed's clever folding design, which ensures space-saving storage when not in use. Its compact form makes it incredibly convenient for storage in any corner of your home, ready to be unfolded for your cat's comfort at a moment's notice.

Dual Functionality as a Tunnel Toy Unfold our cat bed to reveal its hidden surprise - it transforms into an enticing tunnel toy! Perfect for multiple cats to frolic in, this additional feature provides endless entertainment and amusement, adding extra value to your pet's relaxation and playtime.


Origin: CN
Material: 100% Cotton
Sizes : Cat Bed 95cm Ciameter
Entryway diameter: 26cm
Height: 28cm

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